Places to Explore on North Stradbroke Island

Join us as we discover some hidden spots on Straddie! We will show you how to access the island and ways to navigate to these locations! Plus, get to know some of the crew and why we believe in creating meaningful content with The Social Place!

Hey, guys, it’s David here from The Social Place we exist to help you connect with community. This week we are on North Stradbroke Island. We’re going to explore the place here, catch up with some mates and see what this island has to offer. Let the adventures begin. Stretching 38 kilometers long and situated only 50 kilometers east from the heart of Brisbane, North Stradbroke Island is a prime holiday destination. We start our adventure with the North Gorge walk.

It’s an easy to follow track with simply stunning views all around.

So there’s plenty of options for accommodation here with Airbnb and camping. But one of our mates Troy is hooking us up with some glamping. Let’s check that out now. Well, Cylinder Beach Campground is the spot to match our glamping set up with bathroom amenities, including hot showers. You can be sure to have a comfortable stay here. Looking for a feed on the island? Situated in Point Lookout at the Blue Room is a great place for food and drink with a view and friendly staff, too!

So there’s plenty of four wheel driving him to do on North Stradbroke Island. We’ve just picked up our permit at Adder Rock. So we’ve got some tire deflators that a pretty handy for setting your PSI. All we need to do is whack them on, deflate and away we go. Ready to hit the [email protected]

Hey, what’s going on mate? Troy: Do you want to pull us out Dave? Yeah, yeah. Nah he still has to put the tires down. Were’ stuck! We’re Stuck! So we’re here at the next spot, which is Keyhole Lagoon’s, we just got up off main beach with the four wheel drives, parked it up, there’s only our crew and one other person, pretty hidden. So, yeah, be sure to come and check it out. So we’re going to explore this place and I might go for a bit of a swim.

See you soon! Don’t have a four wheel drive? Brown lake is the next best spot. I’m going to paddle half a flamingo to the other side of the lake. Let our friends know to come to this private beach that we found.

Whooo! That’s a strong brew! South Gorge Beach is our little hideaway with swimming and surfing also next door. This part of the island is also one of the best places to see wildlife. The formation Wail Rock appears to be a person in distress carrying burdens on her shoulder. For me, this is a reminder that if we’re carrying heavy burdens, we can always reach out for help. This has been a great trip to just relax and reflect, and we had some great mates on this trip with the original project build team that we built a building in Uganda.

So it good to solidify our friendships even more. And it’s just a great place to explore. Well, this concludes our North Stradbroke Island trip. We hope this film inspires you to explore the beauty of nature and develop meaningful connections with others. If you’d like to visit any of these places or connect with us. Information is available below.

I’m drinking coffee, okay! jham bar! Look, we’re trying to get some B roll stuff, and I’m just trying to be natural, but I’m not on camera saying, hey, I can film camera, but I can’t be natural. All right. Let’s do it again hey! Troy: You’re beautiful Dave. Thanks mate. How are you feeling Ari? Awkward. I just have no idea. Like, I’ve never, never had, like the professionals, they just know how to act and what to move and stuff.

But yeah.

So it’s Dave here from The Social Place and the adventures begin

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