What is the gift that keeps on giving?

Is there such a thing as a gift that lasts forever? David unpacks this thought on how we can choose the perfect gift for someone.

Today, we are talking about receiving gifts, I don’t know about you, but I love to receive when someone gives me an item or presents, it’s something much more than actually the physical item. It’s something that says to a person, hey, you’re awesome and you’re doing great. Or This is how much I think about you. I also love giving gifts as well. Don’t get me wrong, there’s two sides to it for that communication or relationship with another person.

It needs to come both ways. Imagine if I was just receiving receiving all these gifts, but then I wasn’t giving any back. That would be pretty much… Selfish. Anyway, let’s continue to move on. So like these gifts, these physical items, these physical objects, there’s things attached to that. So if I give a gift to my brother, hey, he’s a new drone that actually doesn’t just it’s not just the physical items, so things attached to it, it’s the encouragement attached to it.

For example, I gave my brother a new drone for Christmas and I say, hey mate, here’s a new drone, you’re awesome. And I believe that you can fly in the sky. Yeah, he’ll fly in the sky with the drone. But mentally as well, like, I think, you know, that’s something that’s more important than actually physically doing things like, just your mental state. And all these words of encouragement are gifts to one another.

And I think that’s way more important than a than a physical object. And like our previous video where we spoke about words of encouragement, there’s power in that. And there’s so much power to speak life into someone. And a gift is a physical representation of what we think about another. All right. So we’re moving on to the greatest gift. What is the ultimate gift? The ultimate gift is actually Jesus. Jesus is the gift to us from God.

And if you think about it, it relates the same as we give to a physical item to someone else. It’s a connection or it’s a bridge per say from us as humans to God, that scene in heaven. And that was the ultimate gift for us. And the result is eternal life. And the thing is, actually, there’s more gifts available for us. And I love the gifts that God gives me. He’s giving me gifts to really just be an encouragement.

He gives his give me wisdom, clear understanding and trust. But in order to receive these gifts, you actually you need drop some things, because if I was, let’s say, clear understanding, if I had all this other stuff going on in my in my head, would I have clear understanding? So I actually need to release some things or give away some things that I don’t need anymore. So once we get rid of these burdens that we’re carrying, all these old gifts that were given, you know, they can be it’s not just all good gives.

You know, some people can give you stuff or some things that are like, well, actually, I don’t want that.

Like, you don’t need to carry those things that you don’t want or some people put things on. You will say things to you. That’s really. Hang on. Wow, I wasn’t ready for that. And ourselvesnow that I’m carrying these other people’s feelings or other people’s thoughts, I’m like, I really need to offload this. And maybe for ourself, we’ve got some things that we’re carrying and some thoughts that we need to to get rid of.

So in and after we’ve offloaded that, we’ve got room, we’ve got room, we’ve got clarity and we’ve got wisdom and and trust as well to take on these new things about us. What you know, what’s actually the truth about us. I want to encourage you guys. Hey, you know, Jesus has got some awesome things for you guys. And the result of these gifts just awesome. So I just hope that you receive these things today.

And I’m just going to receive what’s in this box, which is like cool, cool box. Then I’m going to show it to you guys. And I really want you guys to receive all this. Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Kindness. Goodness. Faithfulness. Gentleness. And self-control. So I really hope this really broke down some thoughts really kind of unlock your mind to, you know, get rid of some of this stuff that we’ve been carrying and to receive some of the good things in our life.

And I just hope this message really encourages you to keep walking in all this stuff, like keep walking and love and joy and peace wherever we go. Because, you know, this isn’t just for us as well for us to take on. It’s for everyone else. It’s everyone on this Earth as well. You know, it doesn’t just extend to this video. It extends further out. And I just want to really encourage you that, you know, why don’t we encourage others through words, but also gifts as well.

And it gifts something tangible, something important. But, you know, let’s package these gifts to people, but have all these words attached to it. Thank you so much for watching this video. I enjoyed this episode, bit of a different one, thinking outside of the the box per say. Yeah, that wasn’t a good joke. But anyway, thanks for tuning in. Thanks heaps for my mother. That is off camera as well.

That’s helped write down all these things. And just like in our last video, we are going to hand these out to probably the rest of the family, I think, to really put some tangible, tangible things to it because like, yeah, this is kindness. But, you know, we’ve written it down so I can just give this to someone as a reminder. And isn’t that a good start to encourage someone, write some things down and actually hand it to them?

Because a lot of the times our words can be like so massive, but it’s hard for us to articulate with our voice. But best thing next is to write it down. All right, guys, thank you for tuning in. I am going to see you later and close this box up. Until next time. Have a good one.


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